SS Flexible Hose Pipe Manufacturer in India - Best Quality SS Braided Hose Pipe Manufacturers, SS - Stainless Steel Hose Pipes in 304, 316 & 321 Grades, Stainless Steel Flexible Hose & SS Corrugated Hose in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

SS Hose, SS Hose Pipe, SS Flexible Hose Pipe, SS Corrugated Hose, SS Braided Hose Pipe

SS Flexible Hose Pipe - SS Braided Hose Pipe - SS Corrugated Hose - Stainless Steel Hose

Hose Flex Mart is a manufacturer of SS Hose, SS Flexible Hose Pipe, SS Corrugated Hose, Stainless Steel Corrugated Flexible Hose Pipe. Hose Flex Mart is one of the most eminent ss hose pipe makers, makers, and exporters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We produce, stock, and supply Stainless Steel Flexible Hose in 304, 316, and 321 grades with single and double braid. Our Stainless-Steel Flexible Hoses are planned and produced to extremely excellent norms. Our hoses are especially valued for consistency in Mechanical strength, Pressure Rating, and Dimensional exactness. We at Hose Flex Mart can make an incentive for our customers with quality items and cutthroat costs for hardened steel hoses.

Our Stainless steel hoses are uniquely intended to accomplish a few destinations in the pipework plan. These incorporate, ingestion or vibration, work under vacuum, handle temperature limits, stifle inflexible line commotion communicated, oblige responding and flexing development, work successfully under high tensions, and change or right for misalignment.

Type SS Hose Pipes, SS Flexible Hose Pipes, SS Corrugated Hose, SS Braided Hose Pipe
Grades 304, 316 & 321
Temperature -200 to 500 Degree Celsius
Pressure Rating High, Low, Medium
Hose Flex Mart Products SS 304 Corrugated Flexible Hose, SS 316 Corrugated Flexible Hose, SS 321 Corrugated Flexible Hose, SS Bellow Hose, SS Braided Hose Pipe, SS Corrugated Flexible Hose, SS Flexible Hose Pipe.

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SS Hose Manufacturers in India

Hose Flex Mart is a top driving producer and provider of Stainless Steel Hose Pipes in India. We at Hose Flex Mart give a wide scope of SS Hose like SS Flexible Hose Pipes, SS Corrugated Hose Pipes, SS Bellow Hose, SS Hose Assemblies, SS Corrugated Braided Hose in 304/316/321 Grades. The adaptable tempered steel hoses that we give are made of hardened steel and are at the highest point of the scope of items intended for liquid passing on. The construction, totally made of hardened steel, gives them phenomenal protection from hotness and extreme corrosive opposition. Our tempered steel hose assemblies are open with a wide extent of end affiliations, bore sizes, and lengths. We can supply furrowed treated steel hose assemblies that meet your most mentioning specific points of interest.

We offer High-Quality Stainless Steel Hoses, ideal for each modern use because of the great quality development as indicated by perceived worldwide principles.

Benefits Of SS Flexible/Corrugated/Braided Hose Pipes :

> High obstruction joined with less weight

> Adaptability to a wide temperature range

> Excellent erosion opposition

> Resistance to fire, dampness, scraped area, and burst

> Absorption of vibrations and commotion coming from siphons, blowers, engines, and so forth

> Compensation of vibrations or temperature constrictions of non-adaptable lines

> Correction of misalignment issues

> An adaptable and quick option in contrast to unbending funneling.

Stainless Steel Hose Design

Stainless Steel Hose is exceptionally expected to achieve a couple of objections in the pipework plan. These consolidate, osmosis or vibration, work under vacuum, handle temperature limits, cover unyielding line noise sent, oblige reacting and flexing improvement, work satisfactorily under high squeezing elements, and change or appropriate for misalignment. Treated steel furrowed hose is a comprehensively helpful current hose and is available in different degrees of tempered steel including 304, 316, 321 Grades.

SS Hose Pipe

Corrugation Design

The layered hose is made from round and hollow, flimsy walled tube-shaped from the moving strip and welded at the crease. Intrigued into this cylinder is a folded annular profile. Annular folding means every convolution is opposite to the middle line of the hose giving an unmistakable benefit of development with every groove being generally free of development from one another. At the point when the grooves are firmly divided, the hose is alluded to as a ‘shut pitch’ hose. On the other hand, when the foldings are all the more broadly divided, the hose is alluded to as ‘open pitch’.

Braid Design

Stainless steel wire braid on the hose assembly provides the hose with a higher internal pressure capability by acting as a restraint against hose elongation and acts to dampen vibration without significant loss of flexibility. The second layer of braid may be used to increase pressure rating. The test pressure is not to be exceeded or it may incur permanent corrugation deformation.The third layer of braid used to increase pressure rating.


Subject to the furthest reaches of temperature; hot or cold metal is a positive choice as it can withstand temperature limits.


SS hose is a mind-blowing elective as it enough controls receptiveness to a wide extent of engineered substances – both internal and external.


Treated Steel Hose isn’t subject to immersion while another non-metal hose can allow infiltration through the hose divider material.


Treated Steel Hoses don’t deteriorate quickly causing any significant disappointment. While Non-metallic hoses can be inclined to unexpected disappointment.

Advantages of Flexible Stainless Steel Hose

  • Appropriate for a wide temperature range.
  • Impervious to warm extension and compression in the funneling framework.
  • Higher-strength.
  • Fire and dampness obstruction.
  • Erosion safe, longer life.
  • High scraped areas, entrance, and harm are safe.
  • The adaptable choice for unbending funneling in troublesome areas.

Technical Data & Pressure Rating for Stainless Steel Flexible Hose Pipes

Applications of Stainless Steel Corrugated Flexible Braided Hose Pipe

Average applications for hardened steel adaptable/meshed hose pipes incorporate every synthetic industry, iron and steel assembling, oil and gas industry, paper and board assembling, and all interaction and fluid dealing with businesses.

  • Oil and Gas Refineries
  • Power Plants
  • Steel Plants
  • Mash and Paper Mills
  • Atomic Installations
  • Manure Industry
  • Drug Industry
  • Substance Industry
  • Modern Boilers